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What Will Rising Interest Rates Mean For You? Fox 29 with Shari O
Obama Care: How It Effects Your Health and Wallet
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Fox 29 Morning
Roxanne Stein

Fox 29 August 7, 2013

Fox 29 Segment with Shari O 6 26
Fox 29's Roxanne Stein And Shari Olefson On Valet Parking Gone Wrong
Fox 29's Rloxanne Stein and Shari Olefson on Website Privacy Policies
Fox 29's Roxanne Stein and Shari Olefson on Legal Liability
Fox 29's Roxanne Stein and Shari Olefson on Preparing To Rent May 1, 2013
Fox 29 Morning News
Roxanne Stein
Shari Olefson


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