HOM - Saving A Down Payment
NAR Home Ownership Matters
Ken Clark
Lindsay Hart
Linda Lugo
Mark Kamps
Who’s Gonna Get Prince’s Riches And Do You Need A Will?
Fox 29 Morning News
Roxanne Stein

This week Prince’s death is again in the news as family members go to court over who’s going to get what because the rock start dies without a will.

Disney Alligator Tragedy - How Does the Law Protect You and What Can We Expect Next?
Fox 29 Morning News
Roxanne Stein

Last week a young boy lost his life at Disney World to an alligator. Here in Florida we tend to know alligators are a clear and present danger. But how common is this? And what legal obligations do place like Disney have to protect us? 


The tragedy in Orlando has us all concerned about what can happen when guns get into the hands of violent people. Unfortunately, American women are far more likely to come face to face with someone like that in their own home. Here with what you need to about guns, violence against women and what you can do to protect yourself and women you care about is Shari O.

Weapons Of Murder: Legal And Historical Context - When Will Enough Be Enough?
How High Are Home Prices Near You? Do You Think There's A Bubble?
Prince's Death And America's War On Drugs 2.0
Fox 29 Morning News
Roxanne Stein
School’s Out For Summer! Top Summer Vacation Bummers and How You Can Avoid Them!


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